The New Fentanyl Drug

Fentanyl, introduced more than 50 years ago, has become the most often used opioid for intraoperative analgesia. Since the early 1990s the fentanyl patch has been available for management of chronic pain of all forms of cancer as well as the persistent, intense pain from many non cancerous maladies.

Fentanyl has become one of the most important opioids in the management of pain because it is available for administration intravenously, transdermal, and transmucosally. Its flexi-bility, potency, familiarity, and physical characteristics explain why it has become so valuable to clinicians managing pain throughout the world.

More than a half dozen rapid-onset transmucosal fentanyl preparations have been devel-oped, approved, launched, and popularized for ‘‘breakthrough’’ pain syndromes in the past 20 years.The purpose of this article is to describe why this opioid has become so important in the treatment ofpain in modern clinical practice.

The data indicate that fentanyl’s popularity has occurred because it has minimal cardiovascular effects, does not result in increases in plasma histamine, is relatively shorten onset of action and duration of effect, is easy and inexpensive to synthesize and prepare for the marketplace, and is now familiar to clinicians working in pain and perioperative medicine throughout the world. contact us to buy fentanyl without prescription

The Future

It is instructive to recognize that all of the newer de-livery systems for administering fentanyl, from the first fentanyl transdermal patch, Duragesic, and the buccal transmucosal systems that began their development in the 1980s to all the TIRF products begun in the late1990s and early 2000s, were initiated by entrepreneurs starting small, new companies.

These entrepreneurs believed that their new way(s) of giving fentanyl pills would be useful for patients principally because it would be easier for the patient to be compliant (the patch), be less threatening (Oralet), or have a faster onset of action and/or be more pleasant to consume (Actiq and the rest of the TIRF products).

Potency, lipid solubility, acid strength (pKa), the uniqueness of the formulation and delivery device, as well as the cost of the finished prod-uct, were believed to be the most important issues in each product’s eventual success or failure.